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Welcome to my page and I am so excited to introduce my website!

My name is Andrea and together with my husband and 2 daughters we own several dogs, cats and horses.

I have always owned pets but when I met my husband I had to learn a lot of new things about taking care of animals. Our household turns around our animals, lots of love to be given out every day and then the routine of feeding dogs, cats and horses. If you love animals, you will understand the joy it gives you to watch them grow and enjoy themselves, and they will return your care and work with loyalty. So when one of our dogs all of a sudden became sick, we were a little worried. First we thought he had some “bathroom” problems, but when we brought him to the veterinarian, it turned out to be something more serious. We were told he had pancreatitis which is usually caused by table food or something else harmful he might have ingested. We couldn’t quite understand what had happened because we were usually buying quality food and we were careful with not overfeeding our dogs. And we were always mindful when it came to spraying our yard and garden with chemicals. Our little dog eventually died and we were grief-stricken and we just couldn’t believe it. We were even more upset because a few years earlier one of our dogs died of pancreatitis totally unexpected and sudden.

I have always been a very health conscious person, researching the food we eat, reading the ingredients on the labels, preferring fresh fruit and vegetables to processed food, cooking a lot at home etc. So I started reading more and more articles about snacks for dogs and cats and pet food in general and how some brands are filled with harmful ingredients. I started to be more aware of the pet food I was buying, especially the snacks. For us, our pets are part of the family and they deserve nutritious non-toxic food that keeps them healthy and strong. After all, if our pets live a long life, that makes us happy too!

I want to promote pet food that is made with natural ingredients, nutritious and non-toxic. And not only pet food, I want to talk about our pets’ wellness and  discuss healthy options when it comes to animal health and lifestyle. If we can keep our little companions happy and healthy,  we are happy.

Thank you for reading this.                                                                                      Andrea-and-Eve

Andrea Kaufman

Snoopys Healthy Corner
E-mail: akaufman@littlepawshealthycorner.com



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